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Parammoecius asphaltinus

Species in validated by: Japarashvili S.

Scientific Name ID: 2108
Name According To:
Species: asphaltinus
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: (Kolenati, 1846)
Page Authors: Giorgi Chaladze ,
Reference of occurrence in Georgia: Djambazishvili, J. S., 2000. The catalogue of Scarabaeidae beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae: Troginae, Geotrupinae, Hybosorinae, Ochodaeinae, Aphodiinae) of Georgia. Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology, Georgian Acad. Sci. Vol. XX: 180-184

Information from GBIF about Parammoecius asphaltinus

GBIF scientific name: Parammoecius asphaltinus (Kolenati, 1846)
GBIF taxonomic status: ACCEPTED

GBIF cointains 0 occurances (with coordinates) of Parammoecius asphaltinus (Kolenati, 1846) from Georgia

Conservation Status

This section is under construction

National Red List Status: NT

IUCN Red List Status: NE

Protection status: Not defined

Trend: Declining

Endemism: Caucasus

Comment: Well distributed in Georgia, Lives in Semideserted areas, Steppes and Forests.

Synonyms: Aphodius asphaltinus (Kolenati, 1846)

Taxonomy according to:

References: Dzhambazishvili I. 1979.

Evaluated By: Japarashvili S.

Date evaluated: Nov 2021