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Shrews, moles, hedgehogs, მწერიჭამიები

Talpa caucasica
Talpa caucasica
Erinaceus concolor
Erinaceus concolor
Sorex raddei
Sorex raddei
Scientific Name ID: 45349
Name According To:
Taxon Rank: Order
Scientific Name Authorship:
Vernacular Name: Shrews, moles, hedgehogs
Georgian Name: მწერიჭამიები
GBD Remarks:

Georgia has ten out of 429 insectivores of the World (2%). They belong to three out of six living insectivore families. Simultaneously, six out of these ten species are either endemic of the Caucasus ecoregion or have limited Near Eastern distribution. The real status and distribution limits of these species still to be discovered.

Information from GBIF about Insectivora

GBIF scientific name: Insectivora
GBIF taxonomic status: SYNONYM

GBIF cointains 0 occurances (with coordinates) of Insectivora from Georgia

Conservation Status

This section is under construction

10 Species are evaluated within Insectivora:
LC: 8 Species
DD: 2 Species