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Elaboration of the Indicator S3 “Population sizes of selected species” under NBMS Georgia – Part 2: Fauna

Project:            Sustainable Management of Biodiversity (SMB), South Caucasus

PN:                  11.2197.9-004.00

Recipient:        Ilia State University, Institute of Ecology


On this page, the information on the individual species, taxonomic and ecological species groups is given, relevant to the project " Sustainable Management of Biodiversity (SMB), South Caucasus", sponsored by GIZ Caucasus Office. The list given below applies to the Elaboration of the Indicator S3 “Population sizes of selected species” under NBMS Georgia – Part 2: Fauna. The species and species groups have been selected based on the consensus existing in academic society, non-governmental sector, and governmental bodies of Georgia as early as 2008. However, on the latter step it has been decided that the final decisions on the state-sponsored monitoring will be done after summarizing the relevant information on the given species. The final decision will be based on the following arguments: importance of a species or group of species for the Georgian stakeholders, including governmental and non-governmental bodies and academic society, economic importance, importance for a broader public, first of all local communities; conservation status of a species - both national and international; importane of a species or a group as an indicator of habitat suitability for other biological  species; presence of background information on which the follow-up monitoring activity can be based (otherwise baseline studies should be conducted necessarily prior to the long-term monitoring projects); presence of highly qualified Georgia-based expertise that could organize the monitoring activities; expenses related to the monitoring. We hope that big deal of this information is available from this web resource. Other relevant information one can found in subsection "Archive" of section "publications".


A Endangered species with insignificant economic value

1. Mertensiella caucasica
2. Ciconia ciconia
3. Ciconia nigra
4. Aegypius monachus
5. Aquila heliaca
6. Bats
7. Butterflies
8. Beetles
9. Frogs

B Economic valuable and endangered Species

1. Panthera pardus saxicolor
2. Lynx lynx
3. Ursus arctos
4. Capra cylindricornis
5. Capra caucasica
6. Cervus elaphus
7. Capra aegagrus
8. Tursiops truncatus
9. Phocoena phocoena
10. Delphinus delphis
11. Lutra lutra
12. Mesocricetus brandti
13. Prometheomys schaposchnikovi
14. Vipera kaznakovi
15. Salmo (trutta) caspius, S (t) ciscaucasicus, S (t) coruhensis, S (t) rizeensis
16. Salmo (trutta) trutta, Salmo (trutta) labrax
17. Acipenseriformes
18. Hirudo medicinalis
19. Capreolus capreolus
20. Sus scrofa
21. Phasianus colchicus
22. Tetrao mlokosiewiczi
23. Testudo graeca

C Not endangered species with significant economic value

1. Alectoris chukar
2. Coturnix coturnix
3. Waterbirds
4. Vulpes vulpes