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Cantharellus roseofagetorum

Taxon: Cantharellus roseofagetorum
Author: Diego Rodriguez
Comment: New species discovered in Tbilisi National Park, collected by Diego Rodriguez, July 2012. So far just known from this proected area of Georgia. Collected under Fagus orientalis.
Uploaded by: Diego

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Scientific Name ID: 34640
Name According To:
Species: roseofagetorum
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: Olariaga, D. Rodriguez et al. 2016
GBD Remarks:

Holotype: Georgia, Ghulelebi, Tbilisi NP, under Fagus
orientalis on probably calcareous eutric cambisol, 29 July
2012, D. Rodrıguez, AH44789

Page Authors: Diego Rodriguez ,
Reference of occurrence in Georgia: Cantharellus (Cantharellales, Basidiomycota) revisited in Europe through a multigene phylogeny. I.Olariaga, G. Moreno, J. Manjón, I. Salcedo, D. Rodríguez & B. Buyck

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