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Hasarius adansoni

Taxon: Hasarius adansoni
Author: Lela Qutateladze
Comment: Tbilisi, "Domino" shopping mall, male, 10.08.2020, det. A. Seropian
Uploaded by: Armen_Seropian

Scientific Name ID: 44184
Name According To:
Species: adansoni
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: (Audouin, 1826)
GBD Remarks:

Originatig from Africa, the species was introduced to both Americas, Europe, India, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan.

Untill 2020 presence of Hasarius adansoni (Audouin, 1826) in Caucasus was unknown (single male was found at shopping mall "Domino", Georgia, Tbilisi). Establishment issue remains open.

Reference of occurrence in Georgia: Personal observation by Armen Seropian

Conservation Status

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