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Saxicola torquatus

Taxon: Saxicola torquatus
Author: Natalia Bulbulashvili
Comment: Gori, ♀
Uploaded by: Armen_Seropian

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Scientific Name ID: 1678
Name According To:
Species: torquatus
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: (Linnaeus, 1766)
Vernacular Name: Common Stonechat
Georgian Name: შავთავა ოვსადი
GBD Remarks:


Species seasonal life history at a given site:

YR-R = Year-round resident; breeder, present throughout the year.
YR-V = Year-round visitor; non-breeder, present throughout the year.
BB = Breeding bird; breeder, absent during non-breeding period.
SV = Summer visitor; non-breeder, present in spring and summer.
WV = Winter visitor; non-breeder, present in late fall, winter and early spring
M = Migrant; bird of passage; present primarily in fall and spring.
ND = Not defined; found but its status not known yet.
FB = Former breeder.
Cas = Casual; recorded irregularly; less expected because normal range is far away.

Page Authors: Zura Javakhishvili , Lexo Gavashelishvili

Conservation Status

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