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Vipera kaznakovi

Taxon: Viperidae
Author: David Tarkhnishvili
Comment: Khobistskali, 20.06.2010.
Uploaded by: Tarxnishvili

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Scientific Name ID: 45997
Name According To:
Taxon Rank: Family
Scientific Name Authorship: Oppel, 1811
Vernacular Name: Vipers, Pit Vipers
Georgian Name: გველგესლები
GBD Remarks:

The family has three subfamilies, Vipers (74 species), Pit Vipers (177 species), and Azemiopinae (1 species). 74 "true" vipers belong to 13 genera, and Georgia has ten representatives of two genera, Macrovipera and Vipera (among them 8 are recorded for Georgia, and two are very likely to live here although not yet recorded). Those make up one-third of 31 described representatives of these two genera.

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