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Vipera darevskii

Taxon: Vipera darevskii
Author: Guram Iremashvili
Comment: Mt. Madatapa, 15.08.2013
Uploaded by: iremashvili

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Scientific Name ID: 2630
Name According To:
Species: darevskii
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: Vedmederja, Orlov & Tuniyev, 1986
Vernacular Name: Darevskys Viper
Georgian Name: დარევსკის გველგესლა
GBD Remarks:

Presence uncertain

Page Authors: Guram Iremashvili ,
Reference of occurrence in Georgia: About type locality and finds of Darevsky’s Viper [Pelias darevskii (Vedmederja, Orlov et Tuniyev, 1986), Reptilia: Viperinae] in Georgia

Conservation Status

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National Red List Status of have not been evaluated