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Pelodytes caucasicus

Taxon: Chordata
Author: David Tarkhnishvili
Comment: Akhaldaba, Borjomi Gorge, early 1990s. Male (left) and female (right) of mud-diver
Uploaded by: tarkhnishvili

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Scientific Name ID: 45138
Name According To:
Taxon Rank: Phylum
Scientific Name Authorship: Haeckel, 1874
Vernacular Name: Chordates
Georgian Name: ქორდიანები
GBD Remarks:

There are 57,739 vertebrate species (and slightly more altogether Chordates) described worldwide (IUCN summary tables). Terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems of Georgia have 618 species of Vertebrates (more than 1% of the species found worldwide). Many of these species are endemics.

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