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David Tarkhnishvili

Researchgate profile 
Team leader; professor, director, Institute of Ecology, Ilia State University, Tbilisi; Georgian State Commission for Endangered Species (chairman). Biographical data, publications etc. see at 
General management of the database; Amphibians & Reptiles; occasional contribution to different animal and plant taxa.


Giorgi Chaladze

Researchgate profile 
Researcher of the Institute of Ecology, Ilia State University. Website Development/ management; Insects, beetles, ground beetles. Giorgi is also coordinating the Georgian team within the PESI project (Pan-European Species Inventories, and linking checklists used in this database with the Fauna Europaea portal (


Maia Akhalkatsi

Researchgate profile
Professor Associate of the Institute of Ecology and Institute of Botany, Ilia State University. Orchids.


Diego Rodríguez Martínez

Researchgate profile
Biologist by University of Granada (Spain) and author of project Mycogeorgia. Along 2011 and 2012 he made a sampling of Georgian mushrooms within several Natural Protected Areas under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia.


Natia Kopaliani

Researchgate profile
Professor of Ilia State University, Head of the Program for Ecology and Conservation of Large Mammals


George Japoshvili

Researchgate profile
Director of Institute of Entomology, Professor of Agraricultural University of Georgia


Maka Murvanidze

Researchgate profile
Associate Professor of Agraricultural University of Georgia


Guram Iremashvili

Researchgate profile
Herpetologist, editor of Viperidae


Armen Seropian

Amateur entomologist, photographer. Contributor to Arthropoda



 Giorgi Iankoshvili

 Master Student of Ilia State University




Levan Mumladze

Researchgate profile
Assistant Researcher of the Institute of Ecology, Ilia State University. Molluscs.


We appreciate contribution into the Database/website Development provided by the following persons: Sandro Tarkhan-Mouravi (development of the first versions of the website and website management in 2006-2010), Zezva Asanidze, Rusiko Mamradze, Ketino Odikadze (inputting information, in particular species checklists). Other contributors are listed on the pages of the Database that they have developed or edited.

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