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Geastrum triplex

Species in validated by: Jorjadze A, Batsatsashvili K.

Geastrum triplex
Geastrum triplex
Geastrum triplex - Detail endoperidium and peristome
Geastrum triplex - Detail endoperidium and peristome
Geastrum triplex - Detail of exoperidium.
Geastrum triplex - Detail of exoperidium.
Scientific Name ID: 4580
Name According To:
Species: triplex
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: Jungh., Tijdschrift voor Natuurlijke Geschiedenis en Physiologie, 7:287, 1840
GBD Remarks:

Collected under Picea orientalis in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, on 20/10/12.

Page Authors: Diego Rodriguez ,

Information from GBIF about Geastrum triplex

GBIF scientific name: Geastrum triplex Jungh.
GBIF taxonomic status: ACCEPTED

GBIF cointains 1 occurances (with coordinates) of Geastrum triplex Jungh. from Georgia

Conservation Status

This section is under construction

National Red List Status: EN

Protection status: Not defined

Reason: D

Comment: EN D (საფრთხის წინაშე მყოფი). ნაყოფსხეულების 18 განცალკევებული ჯგუფი, რომლებიც წარმოადგენს 180 (<250) ზრდასრულ ინდივიდს. მეთოდიკური წყარო: Smith at al. (2016).

English Name: Collared earthstar

Taxonomy according to: Index Fungorum (2021)

References: Nakhutsrishvili (1986); TBI

Evaluated By: Jorjadze A, Batsatsashvili K.

Date evaluated: Nov 2021