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Anguilla anguilla
Anguilla anguilla
Anguilla anguilla
Anguilla anguilla
Anguilla anguilla
Anguilla anguilla

Accepted name: Anguilla anguilla Linnaeus, 1758
Common name: European eel
Georgian name: მდინარის გველთევზა
Synonyms: Muraena anguilla
Taxonomic rank: Species
Taxonomy according to: http://tolweb.org/tree?group=Eukaryotes&contgroup=Life_on_Earth
Reference: Kuljanishvili, Epitashvili, Freyhof et al. 2020
Distribution: Atlantic Ocean: Atlantic coast from Scandinavia to Morocco; Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas; rivers of North Atlantic, Baltic and Mediterranean seas. Continuous introductions to Asia and South and Central America. Spawning area in western Atlantic (Sargasso Sea). At least one country reports adverse ecological impact after introduction. Recent genomic DNA studies show that the European eel exhibits isolation by distance, implying that non-random mating and restricted gene flow among eels from different location exists. The existence of 3 genetically distinct sub-populations is suggested: a Northern European subpopulation (consisting mainly of the Icelandic stocks); a Western European subpopulation (including the Baltic, the Mediterranean and Black Sea); a Southern sub-population (including stocks of Morocco)
IUCN Status: CR
National Red list status: NE
Editor/Contact Person: Giorgi Epitashvili
Contact address: giorgi_epitashvili@iliauni.edu.ge
Citation: Giorgi Epitashvili, 2020-09-10. [http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/index.php?taxon=Anguilla anguilla]. .Anguilla anguilla. in: Tarkhnishvili D, Chaladze G (Editors). 2013. Georgian biodiversity database. http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/. Downloaded on: 26 January 2021