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Darevskia clarkorum


Darevskia clarkorum
Darevskia clarkorum
Accepted name: Darevskia clarkorum
Common name: Clark's Lizard
Georgian name: თურქული ხვლიკი
Synonyms: Darevskia dryada?
Taxonomic rank: Species
Taxonomy according to: http://www.reptile-database.org/

IUCN Status: VU
National Red list status: VU


South-westernmost representative of the species group Darevskia caucasica, related to D. mixta, D. raddei, D. caucasica, D. daghestanica.

Distribution: Mountain forests of NE Turkey (reaching at least Kachkar mountains in the west) and extreme southwestern Georgia (Charnali valley and mt. Mtirala, possibly Shavsheti range.

Darevskia clarkorum is recorded at 1 localities:

Charnali, Adjara, (lat: 41.552872, lon: 41.605373, precision: <100),  

Registration reference not available, personal observation by author.

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