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Accepted name: Hystricidae Fischer de Waldheim, 1817
Common name: Porcupines
Georgian name: მაჩვზღარბები
Taxonomic rank: Family
Taxonomy according to: www.faunaeur.org

Recently discovered presence of one species, Indian Porcupone in the extreme southeast Georgia. However, the species should be assumed native for the country where it is found at the edge of the range.

Distribution: Extreme southeast of the country, riv. Iori valley. The range goes eastwards through Azerbaijan and Iran.
Editor/Contact Person: Armen Seropian

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Citation: Armen Seropian, 2019-09-11. [http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/index.php?taxon=Hystricidae]. .Hystricidae. in: Tarkhnishvili D, Chaladze G (Editors). 2013. Georgian biodiversity database. http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/. Downloaded on: 25 May 2020