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Accepted name: Lagria Fabricius, 1755
Taxonomic rank: Genus
Reference: A.V. Prisniy, O. Merk , M.V. Nabozhenko, M.N. Tsurikov, 2011. To the knowledge of the genus Lagria Fabricius, 1755 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) of south and east of the Central Russian Upland. Caucasian Entomological Bull.11(2): 357–362
Editor/Contact Person: Armen Seropian
Citation: Armen Seropian, 2016-11-13. [http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/index.php?taxon=Lagria]. .Lagria. in: Tarkhnishvili D, Chaladze G (Editors). 2013. Georgian biodiversity database. http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/. Downloaded on: 30 May 2020