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Ophisops elegans
Ophisops elegans
Ophisops elegans
Ophisops elegans

Accepted name: Ophisops elegans
Common name: Snake-Eyed Lizard
Georgian name: კოხტა გველთავა
Taxonomic rank: Species
Taxonomy according to: www.faunaeur.org
Reference: Tarkhnishvili, D., A. Kandaurov & A. Bukhnikashvili, 2002. Declines of amphibians and reptiles in Georgia during the 20th century: virtual vs. actual problems. Zeitschrift fur Feldherpetologie 9: 89-107.

Spotted range in eastern Georgia. Surroundings of lake Kumisi, mt. Jalguja. Fragments of semi-desert landscape with sparce grass vegetation.

Distribution: Spotted distribution in the eastern Caucasus (arid steppe landscapes)
National Red list status: VU
Editor/Contact Person: David Tarkhnishvili
Contact address: david_tarkhnishvili@iliauni.edu.ge

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Ophisops elegans is recorded at 2 localities:

Kvemo Kartli, Georgia,  Rustavi, Kvemo Kartli,  

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