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Hares, rabbits, კურდღლისნაირები

Scientific Name ID: 45350
Name According To:
Taxon Rank: Order
Scientific Name Authorship: Brandt, 1855
Vernacular Name: Hares, rabbits
Georgian Name: კურდღლისნაირები
GBD Remarks:

Georgia has single representative of the order, the European hare. In difference from the entire Europe and Mediterranean countries, Georgia has no wild population of common rabbit (although cultivated in the countryside).

Information from GBIF about Lagomorpha

GBIF scientific name: Lagomorpha
GBIF taxonomic status: ACCEPTED

GBIF cointains 15 occurances (with coordinates) of Lagomorpha from Georgia

Conservation Status

This section is under construction

1 Species are evaluated within Lagomorpha:
LC: 1 Species