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Arthropod vectors Database

Arthropod vectors database is a sub database of Georgian Biodiversity Database (www.biodiversity-georgia.net) of vector arthropods known and possible for Georgia.

Each vector species page is hosted on Georgian Biodiversity Database and includes as minimum taxonomic information, for certain species data about distribution is provided along with predicted distribution, distribution data is scored form various literature. (sources about distribution is provided on each page).

All material (unless otherwise specified) can be used for free without notifing site administration, but please include citation for website.

Interested researchers can contribute in development of vector database, by adding information about distribution, information about transmitted diseases and prevention methods, pictures of vectors. If you would like to become contributor, please contact project manager by email (giorgi.chaladze[#]gmail.com)

Registered occurences:

Culex mimeticus
Ixodes ricinus
Anopheles melanoon
Phlebotomus simisi

Predicted Distribution ranges:

Agrodiaetus sp
Anopheles algeriensis
Anopheles superpictus
Aedes sticticus

Species listed in Arthropod Vector Database:

Anopheles maculipennis
Anopheles melanoon
Anopheles sacharovi
Anopheles algeriensis
Anopheles claviger
Anopheles hyrcanus
Anopheles plumbeus
Anopheles superpictus
Aedes caspius
Aedes vexans
Aedes geniculatus
Aedes aegypti
Aedes cinereus
Aedes pulchritarsis
Aedes excrucians
Aedes punctor
Aedes sticticus
Aedes intrudens
Aedes surcoufi
Culex pipiens
Culex modestus
Culex territans
Culex mimeticus
Culex theileri
Culex tritaeniorhynchus
Mansonia richardii
Culiseta longiareolata
Culiseta annulata
Culiseta morsitans
Culiseta fumipennis
Uranotaenia unguiculata
Orthopodomyia pulchripalpis
Phlebotomus papatasi
Ixodes ricinus
Ixodes laguri armeniacus
Ixodes frontalis
Ixodes vesperlilonis
Ixodes crenulatus
Ixodes trianguliceps
Haemaphysalis inermis
Haemaphysalis punctata
Haemaphysalis sulcata
Haemaphysalis otophila
Haemaphysalis numidiana taurica
Haemaphysalis caucasica
Haemaphysalis concinna
Haemaphysalis calcaratus
Dermacentor pictus
Dermacentor marginatus
Rhipicephalus bursa
Rhipicephalus turanicus
Hyalomma scupense
Hyalomma anatolicum
Hyalomma plumbeum

Database was created with GRDF grant “Creation of Arthropod Vectors Database of Especially Dangerous Pathogens”

Project Manager - Giorgi Chaladze
Web Programmer - Revaz Sharabidze
Project Assistant - Inga Shavadze